Education the Age of Developing Technology, Bar Ilan University
Dr Baruch Ophir

“Group A, who had drilled both on the computer and experientially in movement classes, in work with blocks and on appropriate work tables, did attain outstandingly higher achievements than the control group… The conclusion to be drawn here is that drilling with the help of a computer and other didactic tools integrating in this case into one field endeavouring to improve the child’s spatial orientation skills, do advance the child’s and accelerate his maturation process and his control of these skills.”


Action K.I.D. – Positive Junior Brazil

“This study examined and proved that students working with the Action K.I.D. had higher achievements in various subjects (grammar, math and language arts) than students not working with the Action K.I.D.“


Woodstock Public Schools

“Our students have gained improved visual and auditory memory, concentration and imagination. Growth in creative, abstract and critical thinking, as well as improved categorization, comparison and planning skills are outcomes well evidenced by program implementation…”


Chabad Torah Community Center

“…children are learning in an exciting and challenging environment …Creative and responsible professionals who are deeply committed to helping special needs children…”


Rockland Institute for Special Education

“The opportunities for adults and children are varied and vast and the implications for community building are limited only by the imagination…”



“The program, while engaging, entertaining and educational has developed the residents’ teambuilding, sharing, cooperation, communication and listening skills…these will help women prepare for employment and assist them in their daily lives…”

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